What is Second Chances?

Second Chances is an Iowa weekend OWI jail diversion program. It is an alternative to jail for people convicted of first offense operating while intoxicated.

Along with being an alternative to jail, Second Chances provides the mandatory Iowa Department of Transportation Drinking Drivers Education training, all in the same weekend.

COURT APPROVAL IS A MUST TO ATTEND. Time spent at Second Chances will count as the mandatory two days in jail.

Classes are held at a hotel where students spend their weekend in a casual atmosphere and educational setting. Students may wear casual clothing and will share a hotel room unless they wish to pay extra for a private room.

All instructors are certified by the Prevention Research Institute in compliance with the Iowa Department of Transportation's requirements for driver's license reinstatement.

Second Chances is NOT a treatment program. It is an educational program.

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Second Chances OWI program offers the following classes:

12 hour class - $115

48 hour class - $400
(Des Moines location - $350)

96 hour class - $800

This includes hotel room, meals, D.O.T. certificate, and notification to Clerk of Courts. This does NOT include Alcohol Evaluations. Alcohol Evaluations can be purchased separately for $115

Why attend Second Chances' weekend OWI program?

Jail time and class combined into one weekend. No need to serve jail time and class in separate weekends.

Traditionally jail time must be served in the county of arrest. With court approval, the Second Chances program will count towards time served.

Classes are held at a modern hotel, not a county jail or treatment center.

Smoking is permitted onsite. County jails do not allow smoking.

Street clothes are acceptable. No jail uniforms.

Small classes. Typically 12-20 participants per class.

Research supports the Iowa PRIME For Life OWI program provokes changes in beliefs, risk perceptions, and motivation to prevent future problems with alcohol and drugs. You may learn more about these findings at: http://www.primeforlife.org/assets/Iowa2006Fullreport.pdf



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